3 Most Trendy Ways to Style a Necklace in 2023

When you have it, you should flaunt it! Trends and styles this year are all about making the most of your body type and personality. They are all about customising your look to enhance the look and appeal of yourself and the outfit. Therefore, 2023 trends in necklace styles aren’t really about the colours and patterns that are doing the rounds but more about what can be done to make the most of the place, occasion, and look.

When planning a neckpiece for your look, what are things you should keep in mind to keep trendy and make an iconic fashion statement? Nail these 3 briefs, and every head is sure to turn when you make an entrance.



Trendy Necklace Styles

In the world of fashion, the most important rule is that you define your fashion. Fads and trends are just guides that help plan and give inspiration on what can be worn. At the end of the day, the attitude and flair with which anything is worn qualify as fashionable. And when it blends perfectly with your body type and personality, now that’s a statement!

Take a look at some of the most pronounced factors that make a necklace transform from jewellery into a statement:

  • The size: The first and most important determinant is the size of the pendant itself. For those who are really tall and have a larger frame, larger pendants can complement the personality well. In fact, statement or oversized pendants that are high on the neck really work. The choker-styled pendant and chains are ideal. 

It is easy to add balance when you choose low-hanging delicate pendants to offset the height of slightly shorter people. Choosing the right pendant size can help add symmetry, balance, and the perfect impact to the outfit without appearing too loud, distracting, or busy.

  • The length: It is simple to just vary the length of the chain and create a whole new look with the same pendant. Wearing longer chains adds an illusion of height. It is perfect for those who want to add a few inches to their look and increase the impression of length. Shorter chains are great to draw more attention to the face. 

This year, highlighting the face is very fashionable. For those with the advantage of height, this is a sure-shot way to amplify the neck and face area. The length of the chain can also create a sense of statement and mystery. A long chain with a pendant worn over a polo neck is a very stylish winter look. 

This can be worn to work and parties effortlessly. A chain hanging over a t-shirt is another way to create a casual-chic look. No matter how you wear it, ensure you have the right pendant to take the look of your chain up a notch.

  • The match: The look of a necklace is rarely accomplished by itself. The outfit and accompanying accessories do a lot in creating a final character and giving it interpretation. If choosing a statement pendant, keep other accessories minimal. Choose simple studs and avoid any other distractions. 

If you have a small, delicate pendant with a thin necklace picked out, you have many more options. You can look to layer your chains, wear earrings that dangle or stand out, and rings, watches, and bracelets to complete the look. Chokers are also big this season. You can match your muted pendant with a smart choker to add variety to the look.

Making Fashion Sense Matter

Being fashionable does not require a special stylist or a shopping assistant. A few accessories and an understanding of styles and trends can take you a long way. When picking a gold pendant for women, consider their personality and body type. Also, consider the pendant designs for females available and plan your purchase accordingly. Investing in a few iconic pieces works far better than having an array of necklaces that do nothing to your look.

The DIY jewellery trend is a godsend when it comes to necklace statements. Investing in a good chain and changing the pendants can allow you a new look each day. Consider being able to look casual, office-ready, and festive with the same purchase.

It happens at Toqn Jewellery ! An assortment of fine 18k gold pendants and modular jewellery designs allow you to experiment with multiple looks without spending exorbitant amounts each time. What’s more, it allows you to experiment with different accessories in a single purchase.

This year, make personal, sensible, and sustainable fashion choices. It is the biggest trend. You can start by choosing a ring at Toqn and getting a pendant free. How’s that for a fashion boost?