Best Pendants for Gold Chain For Women in 2022

Think of something classy, stylish, and effeminate, and jewellery is the first idea that springs into your mind. Needless to say, the love affair between women and jewellery is historic. And as far as wearing and gifting is concerned, gold has been the standard for women over the ages.

Whether the endeavour is to be the envy of those around you or to find the perfect gift for someone special, consider a gold pendant for women. It is a timeless treasure that doubles up as a great investment.

Interesting Pendant Ideas for Gold Chains

Toqn with Pendant

In an age where mix-n-match styles are more common, where a play on delicate and heavily accented are equal, and where women enjoy flaunting something alternate and customised, pendants are the go-to.

To help understand the biggest trends and best choices in selecting a gold pendant for women, here is an exhaustive list:

1. The Eternal Heart:

Heart pendants can never be too common. Every heart pendant, regardless of size or style, is always a statement. There are several choices when it comes to buying a heart pendant too. Consider a flat, matte gold heart, a three-dimensional heart pendant that can open, a hollow heart pendant, or one that is embellished with coloured stones and diamonds. Hearts can be glammed up or played down depending on the intent for use. An ideal pick for a birthday or anniversary gift, for workwear, and even for a cocktail party. Although the heart is the obvious Valentine’s choice, there is nothing like having a little love to go with all year round.

2. The Stylish Glint:

Innovation is the name of the game. Zodiac signs, animals, flowers, human figurines, and even abstract art are exceptionally common. These pendants are more common today since more and more women are looking to flaunt their personalities with abandon, and exceptional because they bring about striking impact. Consider picking an oversized pendant for a wedding or reception party. Go classy and subdued if it is for everyday wear. Think enamel or stone works if the idea is to be bold, but not too loud.

3. The Personalised Pick:

This is becoming more popular over the years. Women today want to showcase a little more of themselves. What better way than to start by owning who you are? Personalised pendants are much the rage, especially among the younger demographic. Special name pendants, initials, and customised symbols are popular picks. Equally preferred are pendants with little footprints, an emblem or sign of profession, or even something that reflects personal tastes. Consider a musical note, strung bow, or even a delicate weighing balance as options. Ways to embellish these designs are endless. Think about using a play of colour with the gold, or even add accents of platinum or rose gold to the pendant to amp up its look.

4. The Spiritual Self:

Being close to one’s spiritual side is always a bonus. A great way to work with this sentiment is to pick a gold pendant for women with spiritual symbolism. Religious signs like the cross, star and crescent, and Om are always in demand. In addition, figures of popular Gods are another favourite. The thing about spiritual pendants is that they can be used as an everyday accompaniment to a gold chain or as a strong statement piece for any social occasion. With the abundant varieties available, it is easy to find just the right form for the perfect woman!

5. The Elegant Dangler:

Dangling pendants are the rage. They are much bigger than the regular forms, have a story to tell, and help women wear their personalities. Danglers have many interpretations in the world of jewellery. The most common ones have a small, central pendant with flowing tassels. Others include a chunky cylindrical pendant, a set of small pendants hanging together, and even a suspended thin chain with a pendant hanging much lower. These pendants add dimension, length, and a sense of mystery to the look.

Jazzing the Jewelled Look

Toqn with pendant

The thing with pendants is that they add versatility to any style. Pendants can blend, contrast, and build on looks effortlessly. One single chain can transform itself completely with every pendant matched with it.

Gold jewellery, as we know it, has come a long way. Toqn Jewellery effortlessly incorporates traditional sentiments into modern designs and styles. The brand has a unique collection of pendants that caters to every age, occasion, and need. 

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