Best Pendants for Women Under Rs 30,000

What’s better than a beautiful-looking gold pendant that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket? Thanks to intelligent Jewellery designs and contemporary fashion, it’s now possible to choose an affordable option from the latest styles and designs on offer. 

What makes affordable gold Jewellery the best investment is that owning multiple designs becomes possible. So a woman can have the perfect pendant to go with the right outfit for every occasion. Sounds impossible? It is not. 

Here are some exquisite pendant designs for females that cost well under Rs 30,000.

Contemporary Pendant Creations Pendants can come in an array of designs and finishes. While the possibilities are endless, some styles never fail to impress or go out of fashion. Here are some evergreen designs to choose from:

The heart: Think about pendant designs for females, and the heart is bound to be top of the mind. This is because the affair between women and hearts never gets old. For a gift, this is perhaps the safest style to pick. For a budget purchase, a heart would almost always be well within reach. Choose between flat, filled hearts, filigree designs, stone-embellished hearts, and three-dimensional heart patterns. By varying the heart pendant size, you can change the look from subtle and casual to a formal, statement style. 

The flower: Floral motifs are another popular choice. These can include many possibilities, styles, and finishes, all in your budget. A simple gold flower is perfect for the day or workwear. An elaborate diamond or filigreed flower wears perfectly for evening dinners and cocktails. The bold flowers with large coloured stones and enamel work can bring out the festive look. Match gold, platinum, and rose gold finishes with stones, pearls, and diamonds for an array of different floral themes.


The Zodiac: Zodiac signs are another popular choice. Preferred by college-goers generally, the zodiac pendant helps women wear their personalities proudly. While the zodiac signs may seem limited, their modern interpretations allow a lot of scope to add matte and shiny looks. The use of stones and gems can add depth and diversity to the look. Imagine a diamond-crested crab or weighing balance studded with emeralds and rubies! It’s all possible and well within a budget too.

The alphabet: Now, this is one style that never gets old. Perhaps because fonts, finishes, and figures keep changing with the times. A classy alphabet pendant can work great for daily workwear. A simple, small pendant is a safe option for a college-goer. Use of stones, inlay and carving can bring about a more evocative appeal. 

The symbols: Many women like to showcase their spiritual side. This is why pendants of gods and goddesses and other spiritual symbols are always a popular pick. Symbol designs can vary from simple and understated to stylised and delicate. These pendant designs for females are one of a kind. Whether crafted in plain gold or matched with bright gems and semi-precious stones, spiritual symbols always look divine!

Pendants and More 

What if it was possible to buy a pendant and do much more with it? What if the pendant could be worn with the chain by day, as a ring by evening, and with a bracelet on a special occasion? Does it sound like some sort of dreamy manipulation? 

With Toqn Jewellery, Bangalore, it is true. Toqn brings you a collection of 18k gold Jewellery that is as versatile as it is beautiful. You can fashion your design as a pendant, fix it on a clasp in your bracelet, wear it singularly as a lapel pin, or attach it to your ring. The best part is that many of these designs can be bought for well under Rs 30,000.

gold pendant for gift                    18kt gold ring for gifting       

18k gold bracelet under 10 grams for gifting


If you are looking to treat yourself to something exquisite or buy something special for the woman you love, Toqn’s range may be just what you need. With so much room for customisation, can buying Jewellery get any better? You can also avail of a 10% discount on your first purchase if you use the coupon code "TOQN10". Good things can get better!