Celebrate World Environment Day with Toqn: Versatile Jewellery for a Sustainable Future


 The environment is crucial for humanity's survival; without a healthy environment, one can’t last a day! That's why World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) annually, holds immense significance. 

Human exploitation and unsustainable practices have caused significant environmental destruction. So, there is a need to preserve the environment to restore ecosystems, maintain ecological balance, and save resources for future generations. This day serves as a powerful reminder to raise awareness and promote the protection of the environment.


Can Jewellery Really Impact The Environment? 

When purchasing jewellery, most people don't immediately think "Is this stunning gold ring environmentally friendly or not?" But, yes, like other industries, the jewellery industry has an impact on the environment.

According to the World Gold Council, artisanal and small-scale gold mining contributes to 20% of the world's newly mined gold supply, resulting in soil erosion, ecosystem destruction (like in the Amazon), and the release of harmful gases from jewellery disposal.

Hence, on this World Environment Day, everyone needs to take steps to produce and purchase sustainable jewellery

Even as more consumers become conscious-driven, the demand for sustainable jewellery is increasing. Toqn wholeheartedly embraces its role in protecting the environment and serving humanity by diligently adhering to responsible practices.


Sustainability in Action: Toqn's Commitment

Toqn Turns Modularity To Sustainability 

With 18kt modular gold jewellery, Toqn allows people to customise their jewellery in multiple ways. 

All buyers need to do is to choose their preferred Socket (Base-ring, pendant, bracelet, or lapel pin), select their desired Toqn design, and securely screw it in place. Voila!

Buyers can adorn themselves with versatile Toqn jewellery and elevate their looks.  

Now, buyers can own interchangeable jewellery, spend less money, promote reuse, and practise mindful consumption instead of buying expensive separate rings, pendants, bracelets, and more. It's a win-win for both buyers and the environment!

Toqn Uses Recycled Materials

According to the World Gold Council's report "Gold and Climate Change: Current and Future Impacts," using recycled gold can reduce carbon emissions by over 99% compared to mining and refining new gold. This confirms that recycled gold has a significantly lower carbon footprint than newly mined gold.

Toqn commits to reducing these carbon emissions by partnering with Coimbatore based- Emerald Jewel Industry India, to use 100% recycled gold in the manufacturing process of interchangeable 18kt gold Toqns. Toqn adheres to a zero-waste policy, recycling crafting waste to contribute to long-term sustainability.


Toqn Embodies Sustainable Elegance

Toqn strives to minimise its environmental impact by ensuring ethically sourced materials and environmentally friendly production processes.

If you deeply care about the environment, celebrate this World Environment Day by choosing elegant and multipurpose 18kt gold BIS Hallmarked Toqns, making sustainable and ethical choices.

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Shop Toqn and support a greener, sustainable future!