DIY Gold Bracelet – the Future of Fashion

Imagine styling a bracelet to wear all the time, and on all occasions – wondered what that would look like?

Most people would think of beads, threads, or perhaps some metal wires. Not many would even consider the possibility of having something fashioned in 18k gold. Something about the idea of gold makes it appear so permanent and so fixed that it’s hard to imagine possibilities.

The art of an expert is to make the impossible real. This blog focuses on ways in which gold can be used to make a special DIY bracelet.

DIY Gold Bracelet

DIY Bracelets - Gold, Bold, and Fancy

Most gold bracelets are very rigid. They are what they have been made to be. One can only wear it a certain way and for a certain occasion. Well, at least that’s what conventional designs and jewellery crafts have taught us. However, the modern world is all about adaptability and versatility, so why not bring some of that into jewellery design too? Here’s how to make a bracelet in gold, and style it up and down to every individual need.

Layer: This may take some time, but it is a personal statement of every individual’s journey and taste. This idea works effortlessly on bracelets that have a chain design. However, if the bracelet is plain, there is still scope. On every trip, every time a life-changing moment is experienced, or when a significant milestone is reached, create a small gold charm. This is a relatively low-budget exercise since only a small amount is spent each time. Weave this charm into the bracelet, and create a unique charms bracelet that is the most personal story. Over time, it also becomes an interesting exercise to retrace footsteps and relive epic moments that might be forgotten.

Repurpose: Most people love repurposing their old things because they hold special sentimental value. Often, we tend to bore wearing the same designs, have some odd bits of jewellery that are broken but we can’t bear to throw away, or are just plain outdated. For each one of these pieces, there is hope. By simply stringing a chain many times around the wrist, a nifty multi-strand bracelet can be made. To glam it up or wear it to a fancy occasion, consider using a pendant as a blingy attachment or hanging. Very unique, classy, and fashionable! Another option is to use two half-chains of different finishes. Try picking rhodium and rose gold combination, or a rose and yellow gold combination. Today, mixing styles and colours are a rage. And here’s a chance to be fashion-forward effortlessly and economically.

Redesign: It is possible to redesign your bracelet – every day! This means that there can be the perfect statement for every occasion and every outfit chosen. How can one make this happen? It’s simple. Find a bracelet that has a clasp or opening. Now insert a pendant, lapel, or even broken earring into the bracelet, and a customised design is for the taking. Another great way to change the look of a cuff bracelet is to add an accent in the form of a ring that slips on, a lapel that can be pinned on, or an earring that can fasten itself on easily. There will never be any looking back from here on!

Doing It in Style

Women constantly wonder how to make bracelets stand out, and how they can create different effects with minimal effect. While DIY options are great at helping make exactly the kind of jewellery every woman wants, it can be a lot easier.

At Toqn Jewellery, Bangalore, we realise the need to be versatile and showcase different moods. We also know that every woman would love to own gold jewellery when given a chance. Bringing together both these sentiments, we have created a range of modular, interchangeable jewellery that can make bracelets every woman’s dream come true. Whether the cuff, bangle, or string bracelet design, you can embellish it further by choosing a different statement piece that is detachable. Choose spiritual for the festive days, stonework for special occasions, and elegant 18k gold to wear to work.

As a gift to yourself or a special surprise for the woman you love, this is the perfect bracelet that fits the mood, style, and budget. You can make it better by subscribing to the Toqn newsletter and availing of a discount of Rs. 10,000 on your next order. Have you signed up yet?