Fashion Jewellery Trends to Try in 2023

Ever had the feeling, even when wearing the most expensive or fancy outfit, that it feels off? Does it feel incomplete even when the clothes, bag, and shoes match perfectly? Here’s what’s missing – jewellery.

Time and time again, jewellery has proven that it adds a sense of completeness, class, and charisma to every look. That’s probably why it is every woman’s secret fantasy.

However, one does have to concede that even with jewellery something can feel amiss. It sometimes feels dated and passe. Keeping up with jewellery trends is important to ensure the look feels contemporary and right for the occasion.

Let’s take a look at how to stay with the times and continue to wear one’s personality in style!

Unmissable Trends for 2023

For those who like to beat the fashion curve and not just stay with it, here are some styles that cannot be missed:

  • The Stacked look: This year is all about shades and layers. Multiple strings of delicate chains, a multi-threaded bracelet, and even many rings stacked up together on one finger are trending. Try picking a variety of yellow, white, and pink when planning your jewellery. Multi-hues work well in stacked styles.

        gold 18kt ring and pendant set

  • Back pendants: Move over the front and side pendants, this year is all about showing your back to the world! This is certainly not a fashion trend for the faint-hearted, but anyone who picks this is bound to stand out. The encouraging thing about this trend is that no one needs to buy jewellery for this. Simply turn a necklace backwards and let the pendant hang proudly from the back. If the outfit has a broad or plunging backline, this is the go-to style to glam it up further. This can work with a simple gold pendant, large stone-studded style, or even a delicate pearl ornament.stylish back pendant in 18kt 22kt gold with chain
  • Chained up: The chained style is the rage this year. While it may be super fun and economical when kids string together paperclip chains, it is a fashion statement. Don’t be surprised to see paperclip-style chains, chunky and delicate, worn to work and parties alike. A single chain or clip makes for a delicate yet appropriate statement as an earring. Bigger, bolder styles are wonderful when worn to glamorous events and evening parties.
  • Send a message: The world is talking about self-care and embracing your personality. Countless people are doing this through tattoos. Why leave jewellery behind? Wear your voice with pride, or write the self a message. This is one trend that creating huge waves at the moment. To join the bandwagon, simply choose to give yourself a little more love with a heart pendant or trinket on a bracelet. Remind yourself of the power of prayer with a spiritual symbol, or even flaunt your passion with a musical note, sports icon, or even the flower of choice. Find yourself, and share your personality with the world!
  • Mix it up: If today were to be defined in one word, it would be versatile. It can become a part of accessories too. Try refurbishing a worn pendant into a gemstone on your bracelets. Or even pick an old brooch or lapel and try wearing it on your chain. Same jewellery, no expenses, new looks!ring and bracelets in 18kt gold interchangeable design

Fashion Trends 2023 – The Bottom Line

Jewellery trends this year have some strong underlying tenets. Don’t forget these:

  • It’s all gold this year. Pick a shade, but gold jewellery combinations are the ones to watch for. While platinum and rose gold finishes are fashionable, pure yellow gold is most compliant with all styles.
  • The message is You. There are several trends and ideas to follow. Every one of them points to showcasing oneself most authentically.
  • Youth is another strong sentiment. Most styles today are very contemporary, quirky, and young at heart. No matter when anyone was born, it is time to reinvent and rekindle the wonder years.

Bring the Trends Home

Although the fashion trends of the moment seem extravagant and fancy, they can be yours without denting your pockets. And no, we aren’t talking about costume jewellery. 

Contemporary, versatile jewellery can be yours or a gift for someone you love, all fashioned in 18k gold. What’s more, in keeping with the latest trends, they can be modelled into different pieces and worn to different occasions for a new impact each time!

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