How to Buy Jewellery in Combinations

The Art of Buying Striking Jewellery in Combinations

Good things always come in pairs or even more. This is something that rings especially true when it comes to jewellery. Ask any woman, and she will always swear by having more. The irony of the experience is that more is always accompanied by a huge expense, especially when considering gold jewellery.

When such contrasts exist, does one give in to the idea of indulgence or opt for complete abstinence? Here is a secret tip – one can have his cake and eat it too! This article guides jewellery lovers on some great ways to buy jewellery in combinations, while also keeping it within the budget. 

The Jewellery Hack – Combinations!



Giant jewellery and larger-than-life statement pieces are universally known and so are their astronomical prices. So, how does one really ensure the same impact without feeling the pinch? The answer lies in combinations.

There are so many ways to combine jewellery and build on its impact. Any of the following options may be considered:

  • The colours: Myriad colours always add a strong accent to any look. Combining silver with earthy coloured stones, gold with bright dazzling enamel or gems, or even platinum with diamonds is a sure hit. Try weaving these combinations into the same piece of jewellery by choosing a pendant for your chain or choker with some colours and gems, or match a simple silver or gold chain with studded earrings or a bracelet.
  • Textures: Another great contrast comes by way of combining textures. Using flat matte against fine filigree or simply adding layered elements like stones gives more dimension to your pieces. Another great way to bring about textural contrast is to have simple rounded chains coupled with sharp angles and shapes in stones and embellishments.
  • The contrast: This is among the most interesting, yet astounding fashion hack. Contrasts in size, dimensions, finishes, and looks are the name of the game today. Earlier fashion fads demanded symphony in design and appeal. Today, fashion is looking at contrasts. Try matching a loud chain with an understated pair of earrings, or go bare. Look for long earrings contrasted with subtle pendants. Better still, ditch all the usual jewellery and just go for a simple lapel and bracelet to make a difference. Another great way to bring about contrasts is to match contemporary styles with timeless pieces. Add twists of antique pendants and modern polish to your chain. Or simply go all out and complete the contrast with equal amounts of silver, gold, and white!
  • The Conventional Choice: This is something everyone knows only too well about. This is the usual practice of matching a chain with a set of bangles or earrings or opting for a similar theme in the whole set purchased. While this is among the most cohesive looks that can be obtained, it is also among the most expensive.


A Combined Summary

The thing about fashion is that anyone can create their own DIY jewellery trend and still make a success of it. The key is being able to strike a balance between your personality, wearability, and style.

For years women have had to buy a different piece of jewellery each time they have a new occasion or look to accomplish. Now, combining your jewellery styles and statements is that much easier. Simple modular jewellery designs have made it possible to create an array of looks effortlessly. There’s more. The masterstroke in this plan is that it eliminates the need to buy multiple pieces of jewellery and spend heavily. 

Now, you can wear a piece of jewellery as a pendant for one occasion, a bracelet accent the next, and a ring for a third. All by investing just once. With a fraction of the spend you now have quality 18k gold jewellery that can be worn to work, parties, and festive occasions in style.

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