The Only Mother's Day Gift Guide You Need This Year 2023

While one should appreciate mothers every day, Mother’s Day is a splendid chance to show gratitude for all that our mothers do. With roots in ancient Greek traditions, Mother’s Day was officially marked on the second Sunday of May in 1914, thanks to Anna M. Jarvis, a teacher. Now, it’s a special occasion to honour and appreciate the women who bring life and love into the world.  

Why Should Mothers Be Showered With Gifts?

Mothers are true superheroes who have to put up with their children's tantrums, heal their wounds, and comfort them during tough times - all while managing careers and household chores! Yep, they deserve gifts that show appreciation for their love and support.

Now, browsing online for the “Best Mother’s Day Gifts” or “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” can be exhausting, but what better way to show gratitude for a mother's love than stylish Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts? From affordable silver to luxurious 18kt Gold, there’s something for every budget to make every mom feel special.

Introducing Toqn!

Toqn is the go-to brand when looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift

Mothers are undoubtedly versatile in every sense of the word. What better gift to give her than the most versatile piece of jewellery? Gift her a pendant, a ring, a bracelet or a lapel/saree pin, all for just the price of one & give her endless options to switch up her style!

Toqn designs are crafted from 18kt Gold and are BIS hallmarked, complete with a unique HUID number. This ensures complete transparency for customers when it comes to the authenticity and quality of their jewellery.

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Guide 

End the search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift with premium Toqn’s Gift Boxes. Each gift box offers the choice to match Toqn in different fashions to give endless styling options. 


  • This elegant gift box includes the stunning BIS hallmarked 18kt Gold- Toqn Lizzie with sparkling oval stones and delicate flowers. Plus, a gold Pendant Socket for a charming necklace and a Gold Ring socket to add grace and make mom look gorgeous!


    This elegant gift box contains the BIS hallmarked 18kt Gold exquisite Morniya Toqn, inspired by the majestic peacock, featuring its body in the centre and stunning open feathers. In addition, there is a gold Pendant Socket to make a bold statement necklace and a Gold Ring Socket to add elegance, which is sure to elevate any mom's jewellery collection!


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    In addition to being stylish, Toqn is also a fantastic DIY option for Mother’s Day gifts. One can also spend quality time with their mother designing jewellery, even matching ones for each other!

    Celebrating Mothers - The Most Precious Jewel In Life

    Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts, but a carefully chosen Toqn jewellery is an awesome way to show a mother how much her child cares. So, add a touch of magic to mom’s day with Toqn Jewellery. Happy Mother’s Day!

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