The Timeless Beauty of South Indian Temple Jewellery

It is said that an Indian woman’s traditional look isn’t complete until she adds a prized piece of temple jewellery to her outfit. The timeless charm of temple jewellery has, over time, become a part of a woman’s jewellery collection, especially in the Southern part of India. Indian temple jewellery is traditionally made of gold and embedded with precious gems and stones. Usually showcased against the backdrop of stunning Kanjeevaram sarees, the classic allure of temple jewellery has stood the test of time.

Origins of Temple Jewellery

Tracing back to its origins, the 9th century AD, marked the emergence of Temple Jewellery, an art form inspired by the generous donations of precious metals to South Indian temples during the Chola and Pandya dynasties. What initially graced deities and nobility gradually found its way to temple dancers and devoted individuals, becoming a hallmark of weddings and religious ceremonies.

Common Motifs in Temple Jewellery

gold jewellery toqn 18k gold goddess

Intricate motifs drawn from divine figurines, temple tops, and spiritual symbols define temple jewellery's essence. Goddess Lakshmi stands as a recurring muse, while representations of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and Lord Shiva also find prominence. Elements like flowers, leaves, coins, and architectural marvels further enrich the diversity of these exquisite pieces.

Temple Jewellery Reimagined for Today

Today, temple jewellery evolves with the ever-changing landscape of fashion. Toqn's Temple Treasures collection exemplifies this harmonious blend of tradition and people’s taste. Through meticulously crafted interchangeable bracelets, rings, pendants, and more, Toqn captures the essence of temple jewellery in 18kt gold, ensuring both quality and timeless appeal.

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Precious Pendants 

Pendants have been an integral part of traditional Indian jewellery. Toqn’s pendants hold the essence of mythology, believed to infuse a sense of divinity in the wearer. Consider adorning the blessings of Lord Ganesha, with a pear-shaped and blushing pink stone-studded Sumukha-Octa Pendant set. And if you want to feel the spiritual 

energy, style a detailed Shuchi-Peri Pendant set that royally mirrors seated Goddess Lakshmi. These pendant sets are a must-have in your traditional ensemble.

Brilliant Bracelets 

To grace your wrists with divine elegance, Toqn's 18kt gold temple bracelets offer a touch of celestial luck. Try pairing up your silk saree with the Keshav-Trinket Bracelet, a floral filigree that carries the grace of Lord Krishna, perfect piece for simple poojas. Or, if you’re in the mood to attract wealth, style the Prakriti-Elsa Bracelet, a gorgeous oxidised gold carving inspired by Goddess Lakshmi. These visual delights are sure to make you the centre of attention.

Regal Rings 

The delicate circles that embrace your fingers now carry a traditional touch with Toqn’s temple rings. More than mere jewellery, these rings are cultural statements. Toqn  recommends slipping on the Sudha Ring, an octagonal charm infused with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, as it imparts a radiant look and blends perfectly with your kurtas. But if you want to style something for grand occasions, don’t miss out the majestic Gajraj Ring inspired by Lord Ganesha, a perfect piece that steals the spotlight.  Wear these iconic rings and stay forever in style, adding a touch of divinity to every gesture.

Luxury Lapel Pins

Toqn's 18Kt gold lapel pins are the missing piece in your professional wardrobe. They're not just accessories, they're an exquisite blend of spirituality and culture. Try the Vimala Lapel Pin, blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, and feel a surge of confidence as you step into your workday. When it's time to make a lasting impression, wear the Vinay Lapel Pin, inspired by Lord Ganesha, and let it be your guidance. Let these lapel pins add that finishing touch to your work outfits. 

Elevate your Style with Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery, beyond its aesthetics, embodies a divine aura. With its intricate designs inspired by temple architecture, it channels positive energy from the gods. It’s a bridge to the rich heritage, inspiring you to weave tradition into our style. Whether you’re draped in grand sarees, everyday kurtas, or even modern ensembles, temple jewellery infuses an air of regality into your appearance.

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