About us

Since 2019, Toqn has been crafting exquisite 18kt gold jewellery with an innovative approach to styling.

Our unique interchangeable gold toqn designs can be paired with different socket styles, enabling you to craft your DIY gold jewellery, reflecting the idea of personal expression.

Our brand colours - teal, pink, and beige, represent boldness, elegance, and timeless charm. Our Logo, with its touch of starry bling, exudes luxury while maintaining its modular and versatile design, just like toqn jewellery.

Toqn is the brand of values. Our commitment to providing authentic 18kt BIS Hallmark gold jewellery, promoting less gold consumption through modular jewellery and reuse of 100% recycled gold to reduce carbon emissions makes it not just any jewellery brand but an ethical and sustainable one.

Explore Toqn, where our exquisite gold jewellery is the celebration of innovation and individuality.

Step into the Toqn store and experience a graceful blend of luxury and elegance embodied by our brand colours - teal and pink. Explore our store to find stunning jewellery collections and enjoy exclusive walk-in special discounts and offers.