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Founded in the year 2019, at a shared Co-Working space in Bangalore, Toqn has emerged from very humble beginnings. Being a startup, we realized strategic partnerships are of utmost importance. Over the years, Toqn has on-boarded industry-leading establishments such as Emerald Jewel Industry India (P) Ltd as its manufacturing partner.

Our Story

Toqn is built by a group of persistent Engineers, Businesspersons & Designers, who have come together with just one thing in mind - Disruption.With over 5 Registered Global Patents that speak for themselves, this is just the beginning of a new era. An era of Sustainable Fashion. An era of World-Class Craftsmanship. An Era of finally owning valuable and versatile Jewellery.The Toqn line is our core product category that promotes repeat purchases in the Toqn ecosystem. Toqn’s patented technology also protects the company from infringement as well as helps the company with a high customer retention rate. Toqn is complemented by a range of other unique and distinctive product categories, with something to offer for every individual.Toqn designs, distributes, and markets contemporary, interchangeable and sustainable Jewellery, made with the highest quality stones and gems, and ensures the pricing stays affordable.Toqn is currently sold in over 20 retail channels and on the Toqn website and Social Media Channels.


Toqn is a modular and sustainable Jewellery brand that focuses on versatility and long-term sustainability. Providing sustainable Jewellery is how Toqn as a brand, gives back to mother Earth.

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Made with love and time
During the manufacturing process, every piece passes through an average of 65 pairs of hands. Every item you wear has been lovingly crafted.

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