Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - All of Toqn’s products are made of 18kt Gold, Hallmarked with HUID.

Yes! When we say our products are modular, we truly mean it. All our Toqns seamlessly attach to all our sockets!

Toqn takes utmost care of its product and makes no compromises on quality. The mechanism that’s being used is an industry standard, and we will never do anything less.

No! You have the freedom to buy just one piece or multiple pieces.

While jewellery has historically been used to be worn in just one form, Toqn is here to change the industry. One piece can be worn in multiple ways, saving you time and money.

You can buy Toqn products on our website -

Yes, Toqn has partnered with India’s leading retail chains and can be purchased from their stores. While we remain confidential on the names of the stores, we’re sure you’d recognize a Toqn in your favourite Jewellery store :)