Craft Your Versatile Legacy

Step into the realm of versatility. Craft your dream jewellery with modular designs, opening the portal to endless expressions.

Your Story. Your Toqn.


that seals Love Forever!

Write your love story in 18kt gold by turning toqn into a dazzling ring that makes her heart skip a beat!


 that welcomes New Beginnings.

Welcome life's fresh chapters like a boss! Flaunt your stylish self by adorning a 18kt gold toqn as an elegant bracelet.


that Casts a Spell on any Ensemble!

Let toqn be your fashion companion, styling it as an 18kt gold pendant that graces your neckline.

Lapel Pin

that adds Jazz to your 9 to 5!

Breathe life into your boring office outfits with stylish toqn transformed into a classy 18kt gold lapel pin.

Commitment to quality

genuine 18 karat BIS hallmarked gold jewellery.

Eco-conscious consumption

promotes mindful gold consumption with modular jewellery.

Reducing carbon emissions

uses 100% recycled gold from crafting waste.

The Toqn Odyssey : from Dreams to Reality

Why be monotonous when expressing oneself? People crave to showcase different sides of themselves in life. Pondering over this, emerged free-spirited visionaries, recognising the need for a lifestyle that embraces individuality and empowers self-expression.

Thus, in 2019, Toqn was born in vibrant Bengaluru - a jewellery brand defying the monotony of plain gold jewellery. Toqn wholeheartedly embodies the essence of individuality with its modular 18kt gold jewelry.

At its heart, lie Toqn's gold modular treasures: Toqns and Sockets. Toqn inspires wearers to effortlessly mix and match designs, combining their favourite Toqn designs with different Socket styles, creating stunning jewellery that mirrors their deepest desires and moods. 

Yet, Toqn has always been guided by sustainability, fostering ethical sourcing and encouraging responsible consumption. By partnering with Emerald Jewel Industry India, Toqn leads the conscience of the jewellery industry.

Toqn celebrates individuality, sustainability, and affordability - a lifestyle that allows you to craft your unique narrative. 

Embark on a journey with Toqn's versatile jewellery. Your Story begins here.