5 Types of Bracelets for Every Occasion

Bracelets are one of the most versatile accessories for men and women. You can glam up your look for parties or tone it down to a minimum, all with the simple use of a bracelet. You can even stack them for a bolder look. 

Bracelets go with all kinds of attires and occasions. And for this versatility that they offer, they are considered a great gift. 

Before we look at trending bracelet styles, let us understand the materials popularly used in bracelet designs.

Bracelets - Metals and their Choice

Silver, gold, and platinum bracelets are among the most popular varieties we notice on women. 

While silver and platinum are chosen for their trendiness and look, gold is the natural choice when it comes to sustainable investment. Here are some reasons why:

It offers great investment and resale value.

It has enormous sentimental value and has been around and handed down for generations.

It gives the wearer a brilliant, dazzling look.

It does not tarnish easily.

It is good for health; it improves blood circulation and body balance.

It is among the more environmentally sustainable metals.

Having established the many benefits of gold among most metals available, let us now explore the bracelets that are time-tested and perfect for every occasion.

Inimitable Bracelet Styles

For those looking to buy their first bracelet, or for anyone trying to pick a bracelet that is fit for all occasions and outfits, here are some great options:

Tennis bracelet: 

The fashion world is eternally grateful to tennis legend Chris Evert for this style inspired by the bracelet design she wore on the court. 

The tennis bracelet is a simple string of stones. The stones are small and individually set. But when they come together to form this bracelet, the impact is enormous. 

Diamonds are the most popular choice of stone for a tennis bracelet, but coloured stones are equally fashionable. This timeless style is excellent for young girls, collegegoers, and working women.  

Bangle bracelet: 

Imagine a bracelet that slips onto the hand without fastening. That is a bangle bracelet, and it looks drop-dead gorgeous too. It is common to wear more than one bangle bracelet. 

However, Toqn’s Twinnie Bracelet does one better. A modern interpretation of the bangle bracelet, it is an open style with accents at either end. Dainty, delicate, and still really big on its appeal. No other bracelet is needed to complete the look.

Cuff bracelet: 

Cuffs can be both broad and narrow. These ones are snug bracelets with an opening or clasp at the back. Cuffs hold their place well and do not move around freely like other bracelets. 

Cuffs are for those looking to make a powerful statement and own the space. The Elsa Bracelet by Toqn is the perfect blend of power, elegance, and sophistication. It matches perfectly with workwear and has a beautiful bling. It is not a surprise that so many women always wear this bracelet.

Charm bracelet: 

This is the most authentic celebration of effeminate delicateness. The charm bracelet is every little girl’s dream and every young woman’s pride. It can be worn in platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold finishes with an equal impact. 

The most significant benefit of the charms bracelet is that it is the easiest to customise. Using charms representing the wearer, this can be the ideal personalised gift that shows love and care. 


A multi-strand bracelet gives the impression of many strings worn simultaneously. Strands of beads, chains, or stones form the basic design of this bracelet. It covers more space on the wrist, makes a bolder statement, and stands out. 

Toqn Jewellery’s Goldie bracelet is a modern interpretation of the bangle bracelet combined with strings. Two curvy rows of diamonds form the top half of this solid bracelet. The bottom is a conventional bangle style. The two sections of the bracelet are held together by a delicate clasp on one side.

Cuffed to Perfection

To get more versatility from your gold bracelet, check out Toqn Bangalore’s customisable bracelet options. Whether with the Elsa, Twinnie, or Goldie bracelet, you can pick the statement piece that lends the bracelet just the right touch for the woman you love. 

Just pick your bracelet style and the jewellery design. Put them together, and your specially crafted bracelet will have your name all over it.

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