Modular Jewellery - Reimagining The Future And How It Impacts The Planet

The term ‘modular’ refers to a product that can be utilised or made with multiple smaller products, giving the consumer the freedom to use a product in various ways, and giving the freedom of design back to the consumer of the product.

Modular Jewellery is no different. In the modern era, the consumer is not just smart, but also extremely picky about how they want their jewellery to look. In a fast-paced world, brands and products are showing up in the market very quickly. Giving the consumer the power to decide exactly how their jewellery looks, is something that the world is moving towards.

Toqn, after finely crafting the jewellery making process, has redefined the jewellery industry, for the greater good. Toqn is the world’s first (and only) jewellery brand & product that has been able to achieve extreme modularity in its 18k Gold Jewellery products. Toqn allows the user to wear a single piece of jewellery in multiple ways - As a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, a lapel pin and many more to come.

TOQN - Let your inner designer out.

There is just something extremely satisfying about creating something out of your imagination and fashion sense. Let it be clothing, apparel, accessories or even jewellery! The feeling of creating your statement piece is over any other when it comes to fashion!

The fact that you can wear a pendant to work, and after tweaking it a bit, wear the same design for a wedding or even a bracelet for a special occasion, is something that has caught the attention of many.
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The Environment -

As the world slowly progresses towards a consumerist market, and purchase volumes are at their highest levels globally, Toqn is here for the ones who truly care for the world.

While gold is undoubtedly the world’s favourite precious metal, it has its environmental impact as well.

We understand that once the user wants jewellery, the environmental impact of their purchase becomes secondary. We are here to address the very same issue, without the consumer compromising in any way or form. While the buyer can buy rings, pendants, bracelets and other products just like they would otherwise, now, they’ve spent less money, owned more pieces of jewellery, and helped reduce their carbon footprint as well. Truly a win-win; isn’t it?

How does Toqn work?

  1. Choose your base (we like to call them Sockets) - ring, pendant, bracelet, lapel pin among many more to come.
  2. Choose your design ( Toqns ) - and you can attach it to any base of your choice.
  3. Take the base, unscrew the side piece like you would any other bracelet, and attach the Toqn and screw back the side piece - see video.

Toqn Jewellery

Ending this blog with a few things for you to think about -

Would you like to go the traditional way? Are you open to change? Is your choice affecting the planet in a good way? Are you spending more to own more jewellery or would you like to spend less and own more?

Visit if you think you want to do yourself - and the world - justice.