Top Five Things to Consider When Shopping Gold Rings

Rings have been synonymous with grand announcements like engagements and weddings. But the world of jewelry and fashion has come a long way since. Rings are no longer a statement of togetherness. They have become more of a statement of an individual, persona, and style. That’s why day rings, bands, and statement cocktail rings have become increasingly popular among jewelry lovers.

While rings have been around for centuries, their role and purpose have evolved significantly. Once considered a testament to the commitment, the ring soon evolved into its personality and style. And with it, so did the proud owner.

The look and purpose aside, there is still a lot to be considered when buying gold rings, especially since the investment is significantly higher than buying fashion jewelry off the shelf. Get these elements right and enjoy a keepsake that makes for the excellent company almost anywhere.

Priceless Tips While Ring Shopping

Whether out picking rings alone, with friends or family or even as a gift for someone special, here are some handy pointers to nail the brief perfectly:

  • Choose The Gold: 18k gold has become among the most popular picks in yellow metal. While some segments continue to prefer the 22k gold jewelry, 18k gold allows for plenty more options in terms of variety, and also gives a lot more room to work with in terms of price. 18k gold today is among the most cost-effective yet investment-worthy options available.
  • Measure right: Sizing and resizing take the joy out of the purchase. What’s more, something about having to tailor and adjust always diminishes the comfort of the piece. Either have rings made to measure or simply buy pieces that can be adjusted automatically. This will maintain the aesthetic, comfort, and shape perfectly.
  • Get a Standard: When buying gold jewelry, one of the most important rules is to have the certifications and standards in place. Always buy jewelry from a trusted jeweler or brand, and ensure a certification accompanies every piece bought. This ensures better resale value and also protects against sub-standard gold.
  • Suit yourself: Several styles and stones look fantastic on the shelves and others’ fingers. That doesn’t guarantee the right fit and look for everyone. Consider who will wear the ring and where it will be worn before opting for the right kind. Slender fingers carry off a delicate band or ring better. Thicker fingers look a lot better with statement pieces. While fads and trends are great style guides, always follow the body type and personality of the end user when making a final choice.
  • Compare: The biggest advantage in the world of jewelry is that we are spoilt for choice. A host of brands, styles, and jewelry designs are available at varying price points. Several brands offer special discounts and promotions to make the offering better. More importantly, more advanced jewelry designers and companies offer rings with multiple uses and better wearability. Buying gold is always a big decision. Look out for great deals and stronger value propositions when making a choice.

Putting a Ring on It

wear one piece of jewellery in 3 ways 18kt gold jewelry as a ring bracelet and pendant

Let’s face it. Investing in gold is always a carefully made decision. Whether a small piece or a large statement, everyone likes to make sure the pick is perfect. Often, buying a ring can be tricky, especially when it is for someone else. However, much of the struggle can be overcome by being just a little careful and following some simple thumb rules.

All other factors aside, choosing a style that works for multiple looks, occasions, and purposes is always the best investment when buying a gold ring for women. Today, the trend of modular jewellery is catching on quickly to help bring about the greatest variety and versatility in jewellery of all kinds.

With the option of being able to switch around looks and have a solid investment of gold, it is a win-win. The added affordability of quality 18k gold rings makes this a proposition that works on the monetary, aesthetic, and functional fronts.

Toqn brings out the best value jewelry while making the business of buying and flaunting rings more flamboyant and fashionable. A range of scintillating modular designs helps buyers to find a style for each day and moment and allow them to be the toast of the town.

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